About Jason

Raised in rural Wayne and Poland, Maine, I always loved spending time in nature, particularly the woods and trails near my home.

I began learning photography in high school and fell in love with the dark room, but further exploration of that medium was put on hold when I moved to Boston, Massachusetts. Studying at UMass/Boston and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, my focus shifted to film and video, and then again to graphic design. It was during this time that I landed a design job at the marketing agency Digitas, where I began a multi-decade career designing and art directing work for the likes of General Motors and Bank of America.

I have since rekindled my passion for photography, and bring a designer’s eye for composition, light and texture to all my photos. I also returned to Maine, and the surroundings of my home in Yarmouth provide rich fodder for my work. I strive to capture the beauty of Maine without kitsch or cliché, in a way that allows the viewer to bring their own personal interpretation and emotional connection to each piece. I’m fascinated by the repetition of natural forms becoming patterns, and patterns becoming textures. My art pays homage to the infinite ways in which nature chooses to arrange itself.

In 2021, I helped found Maine Art Collective and displayed my work in our gallery in Portland’s old port. The goal of the collective is to give exposure to artists and provide an affordable alternative to the gallery model. We also partner with low-income housing developers to bring art to underserved communities.